About Us

Child Steps International is dedicated to solving some of the world’s biggest problems faced by its most vulnerable citizens, the children. We accomplish this by developing and implementing programs designed to prepare Africa’s young people to become leaders and change agents in their communities. To do this, we have formed engaged local and international stakeholders to create lasting solutions.

Our mission is to improve the lives of children and their families who have been affected by disease, war, poverty, and discrimination. We accomplish this by assisting local communities to develop and strengthen innovative and effective services. Services that protect children’s rights and give families the opportunity to be prosperous, healthy and safe in the place they call home.

Our Services

Our work includes:

  • Program Development – Issues identification and needs assessments, system evaluation, impact assessment, program design, program implementation, ongoing compliance, and outcomes measurement that demonstrate the effectiveness of services and structures.
  • Educational Services – Staff and organizational training, targeted teacher’s training, mentoring and curriculum development.
  • Consultation – Program evaluation, identification of opportunities, solutions development, thought leadership.

We work with systems of care and governments to create community-based services that are:

  • Rooted in best practices and current research
  • Culturally informed
  • Designed with the participation of community stakeholders
  • Systems Evaluation & Transformation

Our Partners

We assist organizations and governments in the development and implementation of evidence based and/or solution focused programs in ways that are congruent with their ethics, values and cultures rather than imposing outside systems of care.

We assist in meeting international, national, regional and local standards, comply with funding and grant requirements, and help to develop career ladders and paths that develop and retain workers from local communities.

At Child Steps International, we envision a world where every community has a healthy and effective system for the care for its citizens.